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Effective negotiation affects every aspect of your life.  It can advance your career, your standing with peers, and your role in the community. The reason why most people don’t negotiate effectively is that they don’t have a plan.  They are overly reliant on the interpersonal side and are not prepared to deal with dynamic negotiations.

Through advanced custom workshops, keynote speeches and consulting, Erich Rifenburgh helps companies turn negotiations into a competitive advantage.

For more than 15 years, Erich led negotiations from the frontline with some of the world’s largest technology companies. In that time, he and his sales teams closed hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of deals using a structured preparation process that he teaches today.

Erich holds a master’s degree in international business from both the University of South Carolina and the Vienna University of Economics and Business. After graduate school, he spent several years living and working in Europe for Emerson Network Power. Having led global sales teams, Erich has gained invaluable insights in how to create value, regain and maintain the upper hand, while fostering collaborative relationships.

If you are involved in complex B2B sales or procurement, then you will see immediate benefits by:

  • Increasing your margins.
  • Claiming more value, while discounting less.
  • Navigating the most complex deals with a structured process.
  • Avoiding making costly concessions.
  • Keeping control of the agenda.

Let Erich help you get what you want by combining negotiation theory, real-world stories, and thought-provoking simulation. The focus is always on you and your team’s negotiation journey. You will discover strengths and weaknesses, understand your behavior, and go into your next negotiation prepared, relaxed, and in control.


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